Online Virtual Labs in Analytical and Bioanalytical Electrochemistry


Online virtual labs in Analytical and Bioanalytical Electrochemistry

The labs are originating from Lund University, Sweden and powered by the unique equipment simulator. Use of this simulation technique brings any e-learning solution to a new level of excellence. The labs have been internationally acknowledged and used in chemistry education worldwide.

Freedom to explore

Simulating real equipment used in a real chemistry lab

The main idea of the labs is to provide the users with the freedom to explore. All buttons and knobs can be pushed or turn at any time. The simulator will response just like a real apparatus would do. The simulation relies on a very accurate mathematical model of real-life processes.


Prof. Jenny Emnéus and her cross-disciplinary team

The team behind online virtual labs on this site consists of skillful biochemists and computer engineers who put their talents together to create this array of scientifically accurate products. The project has been initiated and inspired by Prof. Jenny Emnéus in 2004 at Lund University, Sweden.